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Choosing How to React When Life Gives You Lemons

Choosing How to React When Life Gives You Lemons

Choosing How to React When Life Gives You Lemons

Very few people escape through life without ending up with a few lemons sent their way. It may be the death of someone close to you, the closing of the company where you work or a house fire. While you may not be able to control life’s circumstances, you can choose how you react to life’s lemons. Here are some suggestions on how to make lemonade when life gives you lemons.


Make a Gratitude List

Even when you hit a rough spot in life, there are still plenty of reasons to give thanks. Grab a sheet of notebook paper and write numbers 1 to 10 down on it. Then, force yourself to list 10 reasons to be thankful. Post your list where you will see it often and add items to your list as they come to your mind.


Practice Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is a great way to keep your anxiety level down. Breathe in through your nose and let the breath out slowly through your nose. Many people find it helpful to place one hand on their belly and one on their chest so that they feel these body parts moving while deep breathing.



Many find it helpful to journal when they are upset. Try writing down all your thoughts without passing judgment on what you are feeling. One of the reasons that this is often highly effective is that you cannot start healing from your emotions until you admit that you are having them.



If you feel like you are a pent-up ball of energy, then exercising may help release those feelings. Additionally, exercise releases happy dopamine into the bloodstream, which can help keep depression away. Try exercising first thing in the morning as a natural way to wake up.


Make a Craft

It does not matter if it is a necklace, leatherwork, crewel, painting or some other form of creative expression, choose one and do it. Focusing on an art project can help you stop anxiety. The same dopamine that is released when exercising is released when doing an art project. If you are having trouble goal setting, then pick out an art project and enter it into a competition.



Gardening is not only a great way to reduce your family’s grocery bill, but gardening also helps boost your body’s immune system. Many find that spending time outdoors gardening gives them the ability to focus on what is important in life while others find that it helps them stay calm.



Talking to a counselor in Orlando, like those found at Evolve Counseling, is a great way to make lemonade when life gives you lemons. The well-trained staff there will help you develop a plan to get through this period in your life with grace. Dorian Race has over 30 years of experience helping people make the best of bad situations. Give this counselor in Orlando a call today at (407)616-5948.