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Dealing with Bad Moods and Depression

Dealing with Bad Moods and Depression

Dealing with Bad Moods and Depression

Mental health is a part of health that is sometimes taken for granted. Depression has actually gotten worse in the last decade with over 25% of Americans suffering from a form of depression. Depression exhibits in many different ways including bad moods and mood swings. While there is no single cure for depression, going for counseling in Orlando is a great way to stay in control of mental health. Here are some other tips to help you to deal with depression and stop it from taking over your life:


1. Have a support system

Having friends or family around that you are close to helps to provide a support system that you can count on when battling depression. This can also be a support group or community group in your neighborhood where you can let go of your emotions and speak to someone freely. Being able to express yourself to familiar people is a good way to stay ahead of depression.


2. Reduce stressful situations

Stress produces a hormone called cortisol in the body which can help you to cope with stress. However, in the long term, it has harmful effects which include depression. The more you avoid stressful situations, the less likely you are to get depressed. If there are certain friends, locations or things that have a tendency to rile you up and get you unduly agitated or emotional, then you should consider avoiding the ones you cannot eliminate completely.


3. Sleep well

A lot of people do not know that their moods are tightly linked to the amount of sleep they get. In fact, a study found that 80 percent of depressed people had some form of sleep issue. Healthy sleep habits are important to getting good sleep. Good sleep is one where you actually feel rested upon waking up. Turn off electronics well before you are ready to go to bed. If you must read in bed, make use of a dim light. This includes using e-Readers or tablets. Avoid working on your laptop in bed so that your brain knows it is a place of relaxation and associates your bed with rest and relaxation.


4. Leave the future to come to you

Many people get depressed by thinking about the future and worry about things they cannot control. You should try your best to leave the future where it belongs without stressing about it unduly. Daily stress and frustration can arise from the uncertainty of the future. Try to trust your life process. Try your best to channel your thoughts to healthier things and reserve your mental energy for dealing with today.


You can seek counseling in Orlando if you need to talk to a professional about what is going on with you. Evolve Counseling and Wellness is a top center for counseling in Orlando. Call us today at 407.616.5948 or email dorianrace@gmail.com to schedule a consultation.