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Practice a Self-care Routine Daily

Practice a Self-care Routine Daily

Practice a Self-care Routine Daily

If every time you turn on the news, reporters seem to be reporting bad news for your city, state, and country, then it can be hard to keep a positive perspective. It can be even worse if you face financial issues, and you dread every time the phone rings. You may find it challenging to keep a smile on your face. If you are struggling with issues at your house, job and with your kids that seem to have no easy answers, then you may start feeling like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. If any of these scenarios seem to fit where you are in life right now, then developing a daily self-care routine can be essential.

Start Your Day With a Power Hour

The best time to do your daily self-care routine is first thing in the morning as it will help you get prepared emotionally for the rest of your day. Once you discover the necessity of this hour, then you will find yourself pumped to get up early. Spend 20 minutes on each of these three activities, and you will be ready to meet the world.

Choose a Mind Activity

Spend the first 20 minutes doing something to make you smarter. You may want to practice meditation or read a good book. On the other hand, you may want to learn a new language or a new craft. It does not matter the activity that you choose as long as it engages your mind in something that you want to do.

Choose an Exercise Routine

You should spend the next 20 minutes exercising. Again, you can do a variety of activities so that you do not get bored. You can run, do yoga, go for a walk or any other physical activity. Doing these activities for 20 minutes releases happy hormones into your bloodstream, helping prepare you for the day ahead.

Select a Soul-building Activity

You should engage in an activity that nourishes your soul for the last 20 minutes of your self-care hour. Choose an activity where you are preparing something that you are willingly going to give away. You may want to bake cookies to take to a nursing home, make a fast meal for someone who is grieving or practice to play a musical instrument in front of a group. It does not matter the activity as long as you will end up giving it away at some point in time.

If you start practicing a self-help hour and find that you are still struggling emotionally, then it is time to see a counselor in Orlando. You can find caring counselors in Orlando at Evolve Counseling. They offer 15-minute complimentary phone sessions allowing you to try counseling before committing to a program. Get started taking care of yourself today.