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The Four Dangers of Low Self-Worth

The Four Dangers of Low Self-Worth

The Four Dangers of Low Self-Worth

Self-worth may seem like an easy concept, but it is actually perplexing to many.   We all want to believe in ourselves and exude an appropriate confidence saying we know what we're doing.  However, this can be challenging to some, because truly believing in one's self does not always come so easy in the world today.  With constant pressures, cultural bias, competition, and comparisons readily at your fingertips, it is easy to doubt or question your life and your abilities.  As a counselor in Orlando, Evolve Counseling and Wellness sees many individuals who have made negative life decisions because of their low self-worth and inability to see that they matter.  Low self-worth, or the belief that you are a valuable person regardless of what life throws at you, can cripple your ability to lead a positive life.  There are four dangers of low self-worth that can negatively impact your life.


Those battling low self-worth or low self-esteem issues are more likely to turn to drugs, alcohol, and other vices to help them find the worth elsewhere.  Drugs and alcohol can easily mask the feelings of loneliness and sadness that accompany feelings of low self-worth.  They can even numb these feelings entirely, which can easily lead towards repetitive use and addiction.  When you feel bad, you'll dig deeper into your addiction to attempt to feel something or anything.  This behavior may be difficult to overcome until you do the work to develop a stronger sense of self-worth by seeking professional help.

Depression and Anxiety

Often times, extreme feelings of loneliness and sadness accompany persistent feelings of low self-worth.  This is because when you don't believe you matter, you are more likely to believe nothing you do matters.  This will fuel depression and anxiety, two mental disorders that require professional counseling or medication in order to fully cope and live successfully.  Feelings of unworthiness are also common, which continue to fuel depression and anxiety disorders.  

Low Job Performance

When you have a low self-worth and lack of understanding of yourself, you will constantly be full of doubt in your abilities.  This can translate negatively into your daily work performance.  You may miss deadlines, skip meetings, or frequently miss work because you do not believe that you matter in the workplace.  Feelings of loneliness may stop you from asking for answers to questions you don't know and a lack of motivation can stop you from completing tasks.  Your low job performance could lead to poor evaluations or even dismissal from your job.  

Relationship Issues

Often times, those who suffer from low self-worth will seek to find individuals who can make them feel better.  These individuals are more likely to get involved in unhealthy relationships.  Looking for someone who can empower them can cause bullying issues in relationships, which can ultimately end in domestic violence or worse. These relationships always start with a faulty foundation, which can lead to unsuccessful, or even dangerous, relationships.

Don't let your negative choices and low self-worth ruin your entire life, and instead seek professional help to overcome being your own worst critic.  At Evolve Counseling and Wellness, we offer specialized services that are tailored to help you recognize your worth and value to this world.  Avoid the dangers of low self-worth by finding strategies that work to help you realize that you do matter, no matter what you believe right now.  If you are looking for a counselor in Orlando, you want a licensed and trained professional at Evolve Counseling and Wellness to help get you on the right path today.