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Why You Need a Vacation

Why You Need a Vacation

Why You Need a Vacation

About 25 percent of Americans are thinking of skipping their summer vacation this year. About 60 percent of those responding to a survey say that they do not have the money to make a trip this summer. Others are saying that they feel like their chances for a promotion at work will be harmed by taking a vacation. Still, others say that they have too many obligations that no one else is willing to fulfill. If you are one of those people who is thinking of skipping your summer vacation this year, then you may want to reconsider after learning the psychological benefits of going on a vacation.

Behavioral Activism

A person who is depressed tends to isolate themselves from other people and activities. Going on a vacation helps you interact with other people, which can help boost your mood. Furthermore, if you are depressed, then you become more engaged with activities, which can also be a huge mood booster.

Builds Experiences

Numerous studies show that having unique experiences is more important than owning more stuff. People often get bogged down by the amount of stuff that they own. Yet, one can never have too many experiences as it builds memories that will get you through the rough times during the upcoming year.

Encourages Resiliency

Even if you are just going from Orlando to Daytona for a quick overnight vacation, something unexpected always seems to happen. When you overcome the unexpected, then it builds resiliency that will help you overcome even more things in the future. Going on a vacation is a great way to learn to live in the moment.

Alleviates Daily Stress

Even if you may not realize it, everyone lives with a certain amount of daily stress. Taking a trip is a great way to step away from stressful situations for a few days. While you are having a great time at the campground or on a cruise, your mind may be thinking of novel ways to solve problems when you get home.


Planning a vacation, going on it and coming home to get back to work are major accomplishments. You can take great pride in those things. Feeling like you have accomplished them also shows you the many things that you can accomplish when you put your mind to making it work. The more positive trips that you can enjoy throughout the year, the better you will feel about what you can accomplish, which can be very motivating when at work or in a relationship.

If you do not want to miss your counseling in Orlando session, then consider a staycation this summer. Our counseling in Orlando offices are surrounded by many great things to do. Our office is located very near Harbor Park and just a few blocks from the Huey P Leu Gardens and the Orlando Science Center. Even getting away for a few hours can help you feel empowered to accomplish even more.