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Five Traits that Make a Good Therapist

Five Traits that Make a Good Therapist

Five Traits that Make a Good Therapist

Licensed mental therapists are trusted to provide quality care for those in need of diagnosis, guidance, support, and counsel those facing difficult circumstances or mental issues.  They help with issues pertaining to relationships, anxiety, depression, family, careers, and negative feelings.  As a premiere counselor in Orlando, we offer our expert therapy services to better the lives of our patients.  There are a few traits that you want to make sure your therapist possesses.

Communication Skills

Working with a therapist requires great communication skills.  Therapists need to be aware of how to handle many situations, regardless of whether their patients are talking or not.  Nonverbal communication cues, such as body language, are integral parts of assisting with diagnoses and guidance.  When working with a therapist, you want them to be able to express their ideas and thoughts to you.  


Therapists also must be empathetic when assisting people through tough times in their lives.  Having the ability to feel what another person is feeling will help them better identify with your emotions and mental state, which will allow them to make a better diagnosis.  When you can envision what it's like to be in someone else's shoes, you will be able to understand their perspective and offer more solutions.

Interpersonal Skills

Therapists that possess great interpersonal skills will develop strong relationship with their clients that will ultimately breed success.  Therapists and their clients share a bond that is unlike any other, and although it is professional, it requires a level of trust and understanding.  Whenever therapists can quickly develop a rapport with their clients, they will be able to help them more efficiently.  This will help them resolve issues quickly.

Problem Solving Skills

The best therapists have problem solving skills that enable them to work with their patients to solve problems.  Even though many therapists may want to solve their patients' problems for them, they will want to.  However, great therapists will be able to assist their patients in recognizing issues for themselves and them coming up with realistic solutions together.  


Whenever your therapist can adapt and change, they will be able to meet the needs of many different patients.  Each patient may require a different approach.  Having flexibility will help therapists tailor their approach to whatever their patients need at the time, even if they recognize similar issues between patients.  

These are five of the traits that make a great therapist that you can trust with your mental health needs.  When you are seeking the assistance of a counselor, you want to make sure they have the traits that allow them to properly and effectively treat you.  At Evolve Counseling Orlando, you will find the most qualified and reputable counselors to help you get on a path to success.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment.