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Four Strategies to Cope with Change

Four Strategies to Cope with Change

Four Strategies to Cope with Change

Change is inevitable, yet it can still be a challenge once it comes time to accept that change is happening to you.  Whenever you are coping with a new situation, a big life transition, or an unexpected change in life, you may need a little help getting through it.  Our counselors in Orlando offer individual counseling to assist you through tough times.  We offer one-on-one insight and a safe place to discuss your situation without judgment or criticism.  There are a few strategies you can try to help you cope with change in your life.

Prepare if Possible

If you are aware that a change is coming, like a big move or a career change, you may want to take some steps to prepare yourself for this transition.  Discuss this change with others that will be affected, talk to your family about your feelings regarding the change, and organize necessary supplies so that you are ready for the change when it comes.

Acknowledge Change

By being honest about the upcoming change in your life, you can save yourself from any difficult challenges you may face once the day actually arrives to make the permanent change.  Perhaps you are dealing with a change that wasn't your decision, like being laid off from work or having to relocate for your spouse.  Acknowledge that this change is coming to help prepare your mind for the official transition.

Maintain Normalcy

During times of transition, you will want to find solace in the things that remain unchanged or unaffected.  Focus on this stability to help you cope with the things that you cannot control about the changes.  For example, if you are moving, focus on how you want to arrange the furniture you already have.  This way, you can retail a sense of normalcy, which will help you stay comfortable during the transition.

Think Positive Thoughts

Change is a challenge, especially for those who do not like change in their lives.  When you are uprooted from your normal routine, you will likely feel a jolt and not know how to cope.  By looking for the silver linings and finding positivity, you will be able to focus your thoughts on things that make you happy about the change.  Over time, these positive thoughts will become the primary thoughts that make the change worthwhile.  Focus on the good things that you have and do things you love with the new adjustment in your life.

These are just a few of the strategies you can implement when you are coping with change in your life.  Our experienced counselors in Orlando can assist you through these tough times during individual counseling sessions in our office.  Contact us to schedule an appointment with us today.