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How to Survive Big Life Changes When You Suffer from Anxiety

How to Survive Big Life Changes When You Suffer from Anxiety

How to Survive Big Life Changes When You Suffer from Anxiety

Are you going through big life changes that have triggered your anxiety?  Are you incredibly anxious about changes that are coming your way?  Whether you are moving, changing jobs, getting married, getting divorced, or starting a family, you may realize that your anxiety is triggered by life's big changes.  When you battle anxiety, it can be difficult to come to terms with some of life's changes, despite how prepared you may truly be.  If you need assistance, counseling in Orlando can help you cope with your anxiety when life gets complicated or change comes your way.  There are a few tips to follow that will help you survive big life changes when you are having trouble with your anxiety.

Stay Organized

By staying on top of the changes that are coming your way, you will be able to be prepared for anything that will no longer be the same.  If you are moving, you should focus on staying organized and keeping a thorough to-do list.  If you are preparing for a new job, you will want to stay in close contact with your new boss and perform any training before you start.  When you stay organized, you stay focused on the tasks you need to complete, which will keep your anxiety in check.

Find Comfort

As you go through tough life changes, you want to find things that are comfortable and familiar.  This can be as simple as creating a space in your home that brings you joy.  When you are feeling overwhelmed, go to these spaces so that you can relax.  By finding comfort in familiar things, you are able to stay anchored and cope with difficult transitions in life.

Prioritize Physical Health

If your mind is constantly going, you may want to channel your energy into physical fitness.  By practicing yoga, doing consistent workouts, or even taking long walks outside, you are able to focus your energy on something more positive.  This will leave less time for letting your anxiety get the best of you.  In fact, when you prioritize your physical health, it also has many benefits on your mental health as well.

Talk to Someone

When you are going through tough life changes by yourself, you may think it is easier to cope and keep it inside.  However, this couldn't be more wrong.  By leaning on a support system, you will be able to confide in others.  This will prevent you from bottling up your emotions.  Instead, you should have a support system of trusted family and friends that you can discuss your emotions with.  If you don't feel comfortable talking to them, talk to a professional.

These are some tips to follow to combat your anxiety when you are going through a big life decision.  From moving to growing up to learning a new job, there are many changes that occur in life that you will want to be prepared for.  If you have trouble accepting change and battling anxiety, you may want to seek the guidance and support at counseling in Orlando.  Contact us to schedule you appointment with our professional therapists today.