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Five Reasons Why You Should Talk about Your Feelings

Five Reasons Why You Should Talk about Your Feelings

Five Reasons Why You Should Talk about Your Feelings

Talking about your feelings is an important conversation that you need to have, either with yourself or with others.  When you are struggling to understand how you feel, it can be beneficial to talk about your feelings and allow yourself to express these feelings with those you trust the most.  At our counseling in Orlando, we help many of our clients work through difficult or challenging emotions in a safe and healing space.  These are a few reasons why you should talk about your feelings to stay in tune and stay aware.

They are Important

Your feelings are valid, which makes them important.  Talking about them allows you to come to terms with how you are truly feeling.  When you struggle to place your emotions about difficult circumstances or struggling moments in your life, it is beneficial to talk about them so that you can understand how you are truly feeling about life.

They Need to Be Acknowledged

Feelings should also be acknowledged and felt fully.  By talking about them, you allow your emotions to exist in the world, which means that you cannot run away and hide from them.  You are forced to confront them, acknowledge them, and accept them, no matter how sad, angry, or negative you may feel about something.

You Can Feel Relieved

Once you fully accept and feel your emotions, you may be more inclined to move forward with your life.  You can gain acceptance of these emotions and, more importantly, the events that triggered these emotions.  As you talk about them, you may feel a wave of relief wash over you.  Relief from struggles and complications can lead to acceptance and appreciation.

You May Need Support

Many people talk about their feelings to vent to their support system, gain other perspectives, hear opinions, and just get the information out there.  If you need support as you struggle with certain emotions, you should talk about how you are feeling with those you love the most.  Support is beneficial when you are struggling or just going through difficult circumstances.

You Can Take Control of Them

Do you feel overwhelmed by your emotions?  When you have emotions that seem out of control, you should consider talking about them to work through them.  Talking about your emotions can provide you with insight into why they are bothering you, which is a step in the right direction to overcome their negative hold on your life.  Take control of your emotions so that you can take control of how they affect your life.

These are a few reasons why you need to talk about your emotions and feelings.  By acknowledging these feelings, you allow yourself to express them safely and gain the support you need to get through difficult ones.  If you need support and guidance with your emotions, contact us to schedule counseling in Orlando today.