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Five Signs of Body Image Issues

Five Signs of Body Image Issues

Five Signs of Body Image Issues

Are you constantly looking at your appearance in the mirror?  Do you pinch your thighs, belly, and cheeks to check for fat?  Are you always checking your weight on the scale?  When you become obsessed with the way that you look, you may be experiencing body image issues.  Body image issues can cause you to eventually develop an eating disorder, as it often signals that you struggle to accept yourself as you are.  Working with a counselor in Orlando to overcome body image issues can prevent any unhealthy obsessions or disorders from occurring.  These are a few signs that you may suffer from body image issues.

Working Hard to Camouflage Looks

Many people that suffer from body image issues spend much of their time trying to change the way the look.  They use makeup, clothing, hairstyles, hats, and other features to help mask the way they truly look.  Typically, this is known as camouflaging.  Because they want to look differently each day, they often struggle to accept the way they truly appear.

Seeking Surgery

Those who wish that they looked differently than they truly do may find themselves looking for surgical options.  Cosmetic surgery, especially when it is unnecessary, is often contemplated by those that have body image issues.  From wishing their noses look different to wishing their bodies were slimmer, many people find themselves scrolling through images of women or men that they want to look like.  Often, they will even reach out to cosmetic surgeons to ask about surgical options to make it happen.

Constantly Checking the Mirror

Obsessively looking in the mirror is another trait that may hint to body image issues.  When you spend much of your time twisting and turning in front of the mirror, you may be constantly judging your own looks.  Try to get rid of your mirror if you find that you are unhealthily looking at yourself all the time and scrutinizing every look you make.

Excessive Exercise

When people suffer from body image issues, they may turn to excessive exercise in order to slim down quickly.  Eventually, this can become a destructive habit that causes you to lose weight too quickly or even suffer from a preventable injury.

Constantly Comparing to Others’

Body image issues can also be indicated by those that are constantly comparing themselves to the appearances of others.  Being unrealistic about your beauty standards by always looking through social media or browsing through magazines can be detrimental to your health when you suffer from body image issues.  Eventually, this can lead to destructive habits or even eating disorders.

These are some of the signs that may indicate that you are suffering from body image issues that cause you to constantly doubt your appearance.  When these issues become destructive or unhealthy, you need to talk to counselor in Orlando to get the help and support you need.  Contact us to hear how we can help you today.