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Four Tips to Overcome Your Fear of Commitment

Four Tips to Overcome Your Fear of Commitment

Four Tips to Overcome Your Fear of Commitment

Do you have trouble trusting others when it comes to relationships?  Are you always causing conflicts to avoid getting hurt in a relationship?  When you struggle to commit to another partner, you may suffer from a fear of commitment.  This common challenge causes many people to have a difficult time trusting, loving, and dedicating their time and efforts towards other individuals, which can cause them to destroy relationships and isolate themselves.  As a counselor in Orlando, we help many clients overcome these fears so they can thrive and live happily with their partner.  These are a few tips to overcome your fear of commitment.

Acknowledge the Issue

Before you do the work to overcome your fear, you need to take the time to acknowledge that the fear exists.  Some relationships do not work out because they were not a good match, but others may not work out because of an inability to let another person in.  If the latter reflects your situation, you may benefit from working on these issues by taking the first step and admitting the problem.

Determine the Cause of the Issue

To overcome the fear of commitment, you may need to do some digging to determine the root of the problem.  What caused this fear in the first place?  Did you suffer from childhood trauma?  Did your first relationship end in heartbreak?  The root of the issue may be difficult to determine depending on your past and your circumstances.  Working with a counselor can help to uncover some of these uncomfortable but stunting emotions.

Find the Right Person

Before you jump to conclusions about your fear of commitment, you may want to take the time to determine whether you have ever been with someone that you can see yourself with in the future.  If you have found a compatible person but still had trouble committing, it will be worthwhile to overcome your fears.  As you work on your trust with yourself and others, you can be looking for the right match for you.  Do not settle just to test whether your trust issues are gone or not.

Prioritize Your Self-Care

While you are working on overcoming your fear of commitment, spend time doing self-care and prioritizing your well-being.  Make it a priority to challenge your fears as a part of your self-care routine.  By implementing this challenge into your everyday life, you can do the work all the time to ensure that you can let down your walls and grow independently as well.  Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important if you want to foster a positive and healthy relationship in the future.

By practicing these steps, you can put in the work to overcome your fear of commitment.  As you learn more about why you are guarded when it comes to trusting and loving others, you can spend your time building your relationship with yourself so that you can learn how to build relationships with others.  Contact our professional counselor in Orlando to schedule your first appointment with us today.