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Four Ways to Handle Stress at Work

Four Ways to Handle Stress at Work

Four Ways to Handle Stress at Work

Do you work a demanding job?  Are you frequently overwhelmed with stress that stems from your job?  When you are always battling stress at work, your mental health may suffer setbacks in your everyday life, and eventually this can take a toll.   It can lead to burn out, depression, anxiety, and many other physical health issues as well.  As a counselor in Orlando, we are here to help you manage and cope with stress from your job.  These are a few strategies to try to handle workplace stress.

Practice Relaxation Strategies

When you are working at a desk all day long, you may realize that you have trouble with alleviating your stress.  You may feel trapped or stuck in that small cubicle or office space while you continue to gain more work responsibilities.  However, there are relaxation strategies that you can practice reducing stress, right from your seat.  Practice taking deep breaths, closing your eyes, and stretching your back while you are sitting at your desk.  Put in headphones to listen to calming music.  When you take your mind off the to-do list for a minute, you can re-center your mind.

Learn Your Triggers

At work, you may feel like you are constantly going all day long.  However, it is important to take the time and learn what triggers your stress.  Is it a specific coworker?  Does technology cause issues?  Do you struggle with a specific program or task?  Identifying your triggers is just the first step to learning how to deal with them.  Once you identify the trigger, you can work on coping in the right way.

Avoid Distractions

Your workday also has many moving parts, and this can mean that you have many different distractions or interruptions each day.  Minimizing these distractions is essential in eliminating stress and curveballs throughout the day.  Set up a work environment that is more conducive to a focused and calm day.  Add plants to your office, remove any excess clutter from your desk, and add organizational elements to your space.  When you have a workspace that is free of distractions, you will be less likely to trigger your stress.

Set Boundaries

Do you find yourself answering work emails all day and all night?  This is an unhealthy habit that can cause your stress to become worse.  Take the time to set healthy boundaries with your work schedule.  When you are at home, turn off your work email alerts.  Do not answer work calls that are not emergencies and spend your time doing things you love.  Practicing self-care in the off-hours is critical to maintaining your mental health, and this allows you to do your best at work each day.

These are a few ways that you can handle stress in the workplace.  If you work a stressful job or have a demanding career, you may struggle with stressful emotions that can cause negativity surrounding your job.  Contact our counselor in Orlando to talk to professional and overcome this stress today.