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Four Ways to Stay Connected during Times of Social Distancing

Four Ways to Stay Connected during Times of Social Distancing

Four Ways to Stay Connected during Times of Social Distancing

Do you feel lonely during these times of social distancing and restricted social gathering?  Are you struggling with your emotional health because of staying home alone the majority of the time?  It's no secret that the coronavirus pandemic has kept many of us home for months on end.  Many of us have found new Netflix shows to binge, and many of us have discovered old hobbies.  Also, many of us have suffered emotional and mental setbacks because of the isolation and loneliness that has been cast on our lives.  As a counselor in Orlando, we work with many people that are feeling the negative health effects of the pandemic.  We strive to keep them connected with loved ones as best as they can to prevent negative emotions and depression.  There are a few different ways to stay connected during these times of social distancing.

Schedule Virtual Happy Hours

Since many of us cannot go to happy hours like we used to, it may be fun to set up a virtual happy hour after the work day.  Talk to some of your friends that are itching to get out, and schedule a happy hour to get together and have drinks from home.  You can talk to one another in a variety of apps that allow many people to talk, like Zoom, Skype, or House Party.  

Organize a Virtual Work Lunch

Do you miss eating lunch with your favorite coworkers?  Even though you may not be working in the office, you can still get together virtually and eat lunch with those you typically eat with.  Set up a separate virtual meeting during your lunch hour to catch up with your coworkers and talk as though there is no distance in between you.

Get Support

If you are feeling lonely or isolated, reach out to friends and family.  Talk to them about your feelings, and know that you aren't truly alone.  Talking to a professional can also provide you with strategies to help combat these emotions and feel more productive when you are isolated.  When you lean on others, you will be able to feel more connected.

Meet Friends Outside

If the sun is shining and the weather forecast looks good, you should meet some friends and neighbors outside for a social distancing get together.  Bring your own chair and snacks, and hang out in a local park.  Go for a walk around the neighborhood.  Having human connection is important, and being outside while social distancing allows you to stay safe while still getting to see people.

These are just some of the ways that you can stay connected during these times.  When you need to stay social distanced from friends and family, it can become isolating and lonely.  Avoid these feelings by reaching out to loved ones and counselors in Orlando and ask for help when you are feeling lonely and depressed.  Contact us to schedule your appointment today.