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4 Tips for Coping with Loss and Grief

4 Tips for Coping with Loss and Grief

4 Tips for Coping with Loss and Grief

There is no right or wrong way of grieving, no matter the loss you have experienced. Unfortunately, many people want to retreat into their shells and withdraw from the outside world due to the pain they experience from grief. But healing from loss requires face-to-face support from others in most cases. Even when you do not usually feel comfortable discussing your emotions and feelings, expressing your feelings is critical when dealing with grief.

You do not have to discuss the loss every time you interact with family and friends, even though the burden of grief can be easier to bear when you share your feelings. Just spending time in the presence of other people who care about you can provide you with some comfort. Avoiding isolation is key to the healing process. Our counselor in Orlando offers these tips for coping with loss and grief.

Join a support group

Even when you have loved ones near, grief can feel incredibly lonely. It can be helpful to share your sorrow with other people who have experienced something similar. Contact local counseling centers, funeral homes, hospices, and hospitals to locate a bereavement support group in the area.

Find comfort in your faith

Embrace the comfort that mourning rituals can provide if you are part of an organized religious tradition. You can find solace in spiritual practices that are meaningful to you, like attending church, meditating, or praying. Speak to a clergy member or other people within your spiritual community if you question your faith following a loss.

Understand that many people feel awkward when offering comfort to a grieving person.

Grief can be a frightening and confusing emotion for many individuals, especially when they have never experienced a similar loss in their own life. They may do or say the wrong things because they do not feel confident about the best way to offer you comfort. Do your best not to use it as an excuse to avoid social contact and retreat into your shell. If a loved one or friend contacts you, it is because they care about you.

Lean on family members and friends

Even if you are the type of person who takes pride in being self-sufficient and strong, now is the time to turn to family members and friends who care about you. Instead of avoiding other people, draw loved ones and friends close, spend time with them face to face, and accept any assistance they offer to you. In many cases, people want to help you but do not know how, so do not be afraid to tell them what you need- whether it is someone to hang out with, listen to you, or a shoulder to cry on. If you are at a place in your life where you feel like you do not have people you can connect with regularly in person, remember that it is never too late to build new friendships.

These are just a few tips for coping with grief. Contact us today to speak with a counselor in Orlando if the grief you are experiencing is too much to bear on your own. We are here to help you get to a healthier place.