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Three Tips For Transitioning From College To Career

Three Tips For Transitioning From College To Career

Three Tips For Transitioning From College To Career

You were finally sorting the college thing out. You learned your way around campus and made a group of close-knit friends with whom you may stay in touch for the rest of your life. The classes were more interesting in the last couple of years, and that final internship was life-changing.

There is no obvious path on where to go when you transition from college to work. However, talking with a therapist for college students early on can help you develop a plan. Finally, you've achieved the primary goal: Graduation. Perhaps you've reserved a job in your field. Maybe you're even utilizing that college degree you worked so hard to get. But what next?

Our counselor in Orlando reminds you that moving from college to a profession is a significant transition. We build up in our heads how much more manageable life will be after college. We look forward to a real paycheck and are eager to use everything we learned in school. But the transition isn't always easy. Whether you've moved across the nation, returned home, or stayed put after college, you'll notice your roles shifting and changing.

Express all your emotions

Feelings are complicated. We like to see the world as being polarized: Good or bad. Right or wrong. Sadly, life is rarely this clean-cut. Yes, you are enthusiastic about graduation and your new career. However, it's also okay to be scared. You may experience a feeling of grief and loss as you and your university friends fan out across the nation. Anxiety may sneak in as you wonder if you're ready for your new career. It is expected, okay, and beneficial to feel a combination of emotions as you begin to face the world post-graduation. It's a signal you care.

You may be enticed to try to drive away the undesirable feelings. You may tell yourself that if you pretend happiness is the only thing happening, you'll be alright. But, unfortunately, that's not how feelings work. Communicating all the complicated, chaotic emotions you feel is the quickest way to get unstuck, move on, and find harmony. So, let those emotions out. Contact a friend to vent. Write in your journal. Dance to some music. Whatever it takes to recognize and accept the vast assortment of feelings hitting you right now.

Be flexible

Finding a new normal often takes time, and things seldom go as expected. You had your whole college career to build up your anticipations about what post-graduation life would be like. Grant yourself a few months to re-adjust and admit that things will likely look a little different than you intended. Anticipate the unexpected and permit yourself to be imperfect, rather than getting caught up in how things should be. Focus on each moment as it comes so you can mindfully and deliberately do what is required.

Get Support

Everybody needs a little support sometimes and junctures of change are often when we require support the most. Be ready to reach out and request what you need. We usually try to demonstrate we can handle it alone or expect someone to offer the assistance we need. In actuality, people often want to assist but don't know how. Pick up your phone and call a companion to vent. Ask your preacher to talk. Invite someone over to commiserate over a cup of coffee.

These are a few ways to ease the transition from college to a career. Contact us today if you need a counselor in Orlando. We are here for you!