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Life Transitions

Life Transitions
“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood...”
–R. Frost

Are you at a crossroads in your life and wondering which path to choose? Do you feel stuck and unable to make a move in any direction? At a point where you are ready to make some changes and reinvent yourself?

It is often said that change is the only constant in life. Navigating life’s challenging experiences requires flexibility, adaptability and resilience. Learning to use difficult life experiences as opportunities for growth, rather than obstacles that cannot be overcome is one of the most valuable skills one can attain.

How we make sense of our life experiences is crucial to our personal growth and overall mental health. I will work with you to empower you with new ways of looking at challenging situations while building in critical self-care skills to care for yourself along the way. I seek to help you build happiness from the inside and resilience to shelter you during times of stress. Let me help you build a relationship with yourself that can comfort and protect you….for all of your life, YOU are the only one who will truly and certainly be there for you forever. Learn how to stop beating yourself up and how to replace those self-deprecating thoughts with comforting and supportive thoughts instead.

Routines and habits shape our lives. Learn how to identify your self-defeating habits and patterns and reprogram yourself into better daily habitual activities.

Obstacles to rolling with life transitions

Perfectionistic tendencies

Lack of self-love/self-acceptance

Anxiety and “what if” fears

Inadequate stress management/lack of self-care

Beating yourself up

Our routines/habits do not support us

Specific Life Transition Events

Getting married

Getting divorced

Feeling heartbroken

Becoming a parent

Job loss/Leaving an old career

Starting a new career

Moving to a new location

Death of a loved one

Caring for elderly parent

Mid Life Crisis

Major illness

Growth Opportunities during Life Transitions

Pursuing a postponed dream

Believing in yourself enough to handle any situations that come your way

Developing trust in the process of life and learning to live in the flow

Deciding to see “failure” as just learning

Perfectionism – why you will always fail if you strive to be perfect

Discovering your strengths and building a life around what truly makes you happy

Creating a life story that you can be proud of

Getting out of your own way

Developing resilience in difficult times