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Women's Issues

Women Issues

Are you constantly feeling overwhelmed by your care-giving responsibilities to others? Trying to raise a family and build a career while taking care of an aging parent? Having trouble saying no when you really can’t take on one more thing?

Women have a very unique and demanding role in today’s society. While women’s rights empowered and freed us to pursue any dream, along with this freedom came expectations. Sometimes referred to as the “Superwoman Syndrome”, many of us feel constant pressure to excel at work and climb the corporate ladder while making the care of our children our number one priority. This creates internal conflicts and confusion for many women. Sometimes it can feel impossible to prioritize all of these important responsibilities without losing ourselves in the process. Too much time spent focusing on everyone else can lead to anxiety, depression and a sense of hopelessness that we will ever find true joy.

I work with women to help create a healthier balance in their lives. Whether that means cutting back on work time, choosing a different career path or hiring additional help to support their endeavors, together we explore the possibilities. We will work together to identify the most stressful parts of your life, then seek to address each individual situation to the best of our abilities, instituting change where possible and peaceful acceptance when change is not an option.

I offer individual counseling sessions for adults and adolescents.
Some of the issues I have experience with include:

Work/life balance


Relationship/Communication Struggles

People Pleasing


Constant state of overwhelm

Inability to enjoy the present moment

Lack of joy

Trouble regulating emotions

Losing yourself in others

Self-worth issues

Time management skill development

Self-care in the midst of caring for others

Family conflict

Personal habit revisions

Career confusion

Parenting challenges

Age related adjustments

Life transitions

Empty nest

Feelings of isolation

Health challenges/hormonal issues


As a mom of two young children, married for over a decade, running a busy career and taking care of an aging parent, I truly understand your struggle. I am living it myself! I can provide you with a level of understanding and compassion to help you deal with the heavy load you carry. I can also help you learn to reframe the way you look at things so that you are better able to embrace healthier, more supportive perspectives. A big focus in my practice is equipping my clients with the skills to take good care of themselves. Despite taking such excellent care of others, we often have no clue how to provide ourselves with even a fraction of the TLC we offer so freely to our friends and family. Let me help you learn to apply these caregiving skills to yourself.


I don’t have time,
I’m too busy taking care of everyone else.

Ever heard the saying “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”? How about this one: “Happy wife, happy life”? These sayings were invented for a reason! You are the heart and center of your family. If you take the time to address your own internal struggles, think of the ripple effect it will have on your family. We so often take our frustrations out on those closest to us, which all too often, means that our families bear the brunt of our discontent. By taking the time to learn to take better care of yourself, you are also modeling the critically important skill of self-care to your children.

There’s nothing that can relieve my level of stress
because I have too much to do.

At the very least, therapy can serve as a pressure valve release….a safe and judgement free place for you to let it all out and get the support you may be lacking in other relationships.